Kirk Gollwitzer introduces Ouidad Elma

ouidad 1I first met Ouidad Elma four years ago, through my work with Homayra Sellier, while I was writing my novel, “Illegitimate Advantage”. Both Sellier and I have steadily watched her career flourish.

Elma is a French Moroccan actress, who grew up in Paris. In love with the idea of becoming an actress from the age of five, she was six-years-old
when she took her first acting class, later joining the theater company ” Les Enfants Terribles” in Paris. She became active professionally at the age of 16, playing her first character for the movie “Sa raison d’être” directed by Renaud Bertrand. She recently completed a french feature film “Tazzeka” directed by Jean Phillipe Gaud– to be released in 2018. She just finished a series for BBC — “The Last Post“, directed by Jonny Campbell and Miranda Bowen.

Elma is an activist working for different association including Innocence in Danger, working especially for children rights and crimes of violence against children.

In 2016 the Tryon International Film Festival was honored to select and screen The Edge (2015) La lisière (original title) by director Simon Saulnier.

Please join me in welcoming Ouidad Elma as the SHORT FILMS judge for the 2017 Tryon International Film Festival. Keep an eye on her—she’s good!
Check her out on IMDb

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