What does it take to make a film like ‘American Epic’?

american-epic-02Well it certainly takes wonderful content, but it takes so much more. It takes time and skill to choose the golden pictures, video clips and sound bytes. It also takes maturity and wisdom of filmmakers to know how to peace a massive amount of golden content together so it all tells a captivating story. The purpose of the Tryon International Film Festival is to not only present wonderful films but also focus in on the magic that goes into making them. This is your chance!

British documentary Director Bernard MacMahon has created something really special in his superb American Epic series. If you are any kind of music fan this is not to be missed.”

— London Film Festival review
“The film is a feast of musical and educational riches.”
“This is America’s greatest untold story.”
— Robert Redford
— The Hollywood Reporter
“American Epic Sessions: A Truly One Of A Kind Music Documentary. Littered with incredibly unique and unforgettable performances throughout. A viewing experience like no other and should be sought out by music fans of all tastes and ages”

— Gigwise
“It is a wonderful film. Don’t miss it!”
— Joe Boyd

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