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The TRIFF 2023 Vendor Expo will be held in the Tryon Fine Arts Center’s Lobby

Tryon International Film Festival Vendor EXPO graphic
Lirk Golwitzer, Mathew Modine, Beau Menetre on the TRIFF Red Carpet

“This is something we’ve been wanting to do for several years. I’ve just felt and seen there was a need for cinema insiders to have an event where they could network and find new business opportunities. We hope to attract tech people and businesses, such as sound and lighting professionals; creative professionals, such as actors, screenwriters, and producers; distributing companies; and even other film festivals. Film festivals are where all these people come together to see finished products. We want to give these people the opportunity to get together on the ground floor of new ideas and enterprises.”

Beau Menetre

Festival Co-Founder

“This is an especially good opportunity for other film festivals and for filmmakers who are trying to raise awareness of their latest works. “So many times in the past we’ve seen people make wonderful connections at our festival. Networking is extremely important when you are trying to find the right people for a project. And what better way to spread the word about a film festival than to promote it at another film festival? Film festival lovers want to know more about festivals they’ve never been to. Sometimes, it is all about networking and meeting the right people.”

Kirk Gollwitzer

Festival Co-Founder