What our best friends – YOU the Filmmakers – are saying


The relationship that we develop between TRIFF and each filmmaker is incredibly precious. TRIFF has always nurtured those relationships front and center, providing a platform for films and filmmakers that do not have the support of distributors and marketing campaigns behind them. 

Creating and encouraging dialog between filmmakers and people presents film as both an art form and a tool of social expression.   

Because the festival was 100% virtual due to the pandemic, it’s hard to say what the “normal” festival is like, but the organizers are so nice and I was very impressed with how they moved the festival online despite the challenges of 2020.

Sarah Shoemaker

The Tryon FF is splendidly organized. You can feel the love the festival’s team has for cinema and filmmakers. We were able to make in-depth interviews through “Zoom”, and offer a video presentation to introduce our film (“Apocalypse notes”). The communication and the organization are great, and every message or update were useful and personal. A great festival…


Very nice and committed festival! Thanks for the opportunity!

Charlotte Dafol

I’d like to thank the Tryon International Film Festival for selecting my short film, Defenseless, to be part of their festival.
Although the festival was virtual, due to Covid-19, it was refreshing to be able to enjoying it from the comfort of my own home.

Macela Robison

Great festival. Very well organized, with timely communication.
Would have been nice to have more filmmaker interaction, but overall they did a good job making the festival online!

Brook North

I sadly wasn’t able to attend the festival, but communication was very smooth and friendly.

Stephanie Willis

I wasn’t able to make it, but the communication was very good and overall they seemed well organized and seemed like a very good Fest to attend!

Joseph Alexandre

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to attend the festival, but the contact was friendly and helpful and we always received updates and news by mail.

Anni Sultany

Tryon has a great little festival that is quickly growing. The town is wonderful, there are great opportunities to network and quality work being shown. My only complaint is that there’s so much going on at once, it was impossible to get everything in! I had a wonderful time and hope to return again.

Katie Damien

I am very happy and welcome every year to participate in your festival and thank you for this fine festival.

javad daraei

I loved the atmosphere with all the people and could network very well.. It was well organized and an amazing experience for a young filmmaker like me.

Javad Daraei

Your Festival is Top & Nice / Thank you so much for your efforts and best regards .

Mohammad Mohammadian

We were so happy that our film was able to reach a larger audience through this festival due to the limitations of the COVID outbreak. We hope that people enjoyed our film and this festival and continue to support indie films and filmmakers no matter what the time and situation is!

Kevin Powers

This is a wonderful festival, ran by some very incredble people.. It was an honor to be part of their virtual festival this year, which was so well organized and delightful in every way . I hope another film willl bring me there in person someday.

Mary Sue Connolly

In crazy times, The fine folks at Tryon made our experience presenting RUFF LIFE Games Gaslighting & B****** a real treat. So wish it could have been in person to thank them all personally. Nice job team, you represent well! Cheers!

Tom McPhee

A great opportunity–especially for regional projects–to be seen by fellow filmmakers. In a year of restricted access, the festival pushed for greater communication and promotion through filmmaker interviews and social media participation. Can’t wait for next year’s return to in-person networking!

Jeff Corpening

Lovely festival with brilliant values and a real authenticity about it. The organisers genuinely care about film and it was very humbling that they chose ‘Gitonga’ to be part of the selection. We can’t wait to come visit Tryon when the global situation starts to improve and we wish everyone involved the best in whatever they love to do!

Joe Bunyan

We were thrilled to screen “In Pursuit of Justice” at TIFF. Beau and Kirk, and seemingly all of Tryon, were excellent hosts who made us feel wanted, and well taken care of. They are working hard to make this festival the festival to be in in the southeast and I think they are well on their way

Gregg Jamback

I’m honored to be announced that my short film “Under the Blade” got accepted in such a good festival. I would be glad if I could attend your festival in person. Thank you very much

Javid Farahani

What a wonderful and professional festival! Beau and the Team were so welcoming to us and our film. Our Superstar, Courtney Gains, attended and gave us a rave review! Communication was great throughout! This is a goodie 😉

Brooke Lewis Bellas

One of my favorite film festivals. An intimate group of wonderful filmmakers and gracious hosts. Charming town.

Seema Mathur

The people who worked so hard for the festival are deeply appreciated. The festival hosts were kind and hospitality was really warm. Most importantly, we were glad we came because of the warm reception. We would have enjoyed talking to the other filmmaker’s who were also being honored. Thank you TRIFF for a working hard!

Lynn McAfee

The people who worked so hard for the festival are deeply appreciated. The festival hosts were kind and hospitality was really warm. Most importantly, we were glad we came because of the warm reception. We would have enjoyed talking to the other filmmaker’s who were also being honored. Thank you TRIFF for a working hard!

Lynn McAfee

The Tryon International Film Festival is the kind of event that will eventually make its way to MovieMaker Magazine’s “Top 50 Festivals Worth The Entry Fee” list. The people who are running this festival genuinely care about the craft of filmmaking – about the arts, in general – and it shows. An elegant and inspiring experience. You definitely want to be a part of this!

Adam Renkovish

Thanks for selected my film! Great festival excellent stuff

Giorgi Tkemaladze

One of the best festivals we were lucky enough to participate in! Friendly organization! Very high-quality approach to the festival! Thank you for what you are doing! New amazing and exciting movies at your festival!

Mark Krol

One of the best festivals we were lucky enough to participate in! Friendly organization! Very high-quality approach to the festival! Thank you for what you are doing! New amazing and exciting movies at your festival!

Mark Krol

Really fantastic festival, and extraordinarily friendly and communicative programmers! It was an honour to get to screen with them this year, and I’ll be looking forward to further collaborations with them!

Richard Wellershoff

It was such an honor to be included in this years line up! Thank you so much to the judges and organizers at the Tryon International Film Festival! You were always wonderful with your communication and professional in your presentation. You did an incredible job in transferring this festival online and we are so grateful to have been included amount such great films!

Ethan Gurule

It was a really great honour to have 3 of my recent short films selected at Tryon 2019. The communication from the team was great and although I was unable to attend it looked like a great festival to be at, with a lot of different films and events taking place over the 3 days. It was very well-run and organized and I wish i could have been there.
I really appreciate the support in selecting my films and hope to see another great line up next year!

Neil George

Thanks for the festival
I’m happy to attend your festival

mohammad Hormozi

Great Festival, great location and outstanding organization! Deeply honored for having been selected! Highly recommended!

Allen Dobrovolsky

Great festival in a beautiful small town! Looking forward to going back with a new film next year.

Daljit Kalsi

One of the best festivals I’ve been a part of… the hospitality was beyond amazing. I will send anything and everything I make in the future to this festival!

Lindsay Thompson

Aunque no pude acudir, estoy muy agradecido de como trató el Festival a mi película.

Paco Arasanz

We had a wonderful time at the Tryon Film Festival. They did a great job creating an interactive virtual film festival this year for 2020.

Kim Polo

This festival is extraordinarily run and organized. Thank you for including Here There Be Tygers in your film selections and for all the support and accolades you give independent filmmakers.

Jennifer Trudrung

We had the great pleasure in screening our film LOST LIVES at the 2020 online Tryon International Film Festival. Like all film-makers, we were sorry it was not possible due to the pandemic to share the film in person with the festival audience, but Kirk and Beau, along with rest of their team, still made this a memorable experience for us. Their attention to detail, communication throughout and the way in which they made us feel welcome to the festival was exemplary. We look forward to returning – in person.

Michael Hewitt

Thank to all members of the Festival !
I was glad to see my documentary included in the festival and honoured to win the best short documentary award this year! Last but not least thank you Diana for the interview!

Manon Pietri

It’s a great honor to be a part of this amazing festival.

Mehmet Tığlı

This was an exceptional film festival located in a small town with big charm. The organizers for the festival were hospitable and very helpful with answers all questions needed. I even got the chance to tour the home of Nina Simone while at the event. I will definitely mark this on the calendar for years to come!!

Frederick Murphy

A great 4-day film festival; very well-run & organized. Lots of support to the filmmakers; thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Pennan Brae

Amazing festival staff, enthusiastic audiences, great films, and the charming town of Tryon, made TRIFF a wonderful experience for this filmmaker. What made the Festival truly special and unique was the genuine passion that Festival Founders, Kirk and Beau have for showcasing films that deal with human rights and human dignity. Kudos to TRIFF for showing the world what needs to be seen!

Terrence Turner

Tryon International is a wonderful film festival! I finally got to attend the third year’s festival and was very impressed with the wide scope and variety of films presented. The festival directors are so nice and genuinely care about the films and filmmakers. We’ll definitely submit (and hopefully attend) in the future!

Dan Sellers

Loved it, loved Tryon, loved the people. I truly believe this will be a top 50 festival very soon. Total class act with amazing hospitality. I will never forget my time there. Congrats to you all.

Steven Esteb

I spent the weekend there at the Melrose-Inn Bed & Breakfast located directly across the street from the main location of the film fest. Great place to stay at. Tryon is a small place but the restaurants available are great to eat at with great prices.

The festival was a first time for me, plenty of people and plenty of movies to watch. It’s hard to watch all the movies due to the three venues they have but you have so many choices of movies to watch, my advice is to get a VIP pass and watch as many movies as you can!

I hope to attend this festival again sometime in the future. The hospitality is great!

Felipe Jorge