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AWE Student Film Competition 2023 College Winner: Audrey Buffington, Wofford College

Film: Love Letter to SCNPF

Audrey Buffington is an actor and filmmaker from Greenville, South Carolina. She is a senior at Wofford College where she is pursuing a major in Theatre and minors in Business and Film & Digital Media. Audrey loves respecting artistic tradition while embracing innovation, and some career highlights include: performing as Emily Presson in Wofford Theatre’s production of Heroes of the Fourth Turning; designing and performing in the world premiere of Honey, an independent fringe production at the SC Farmer’s Market; two summers doing graphic design and performing in Interconnected: The Tangle, an original dance-theatre piece about mental health choreographed by Robin Levine; performing as Clytemnestra in Dan Day’s adaptation of Agamemnon; and her experiences working with the South Carolina New Play Festival (@southcarolinanewplayfest). Audrey’s work as a content creator, specifically for Wofford Theatre and the South Carolina New Play Festival, has allowed her to further explore innovation and the symbiotic relationship between theatre and film. Audrey is currently working as the lead actor and Co-Producer for the upcoming short film After Party (

Instagram: audrey.buff

AWE Student Film Competition 2023 High School Winner: Erica Ellis, Home School Coop

Film: Sky

Erica Ellis is currently a film student at Artios Academies of Greenville. She has had an interest in filmmaking ever since she was little, and has made many short videos with her and her stuffed animals. Recently, she has written and directed several small films, most notably her competition entries for BJU’s High School Festival called “Notes” and an entry for TRIFF about Sky: Children of the Light. Outside of filming, she is an avid gamer, and loves cats, music, psychological horror, and spending time with her mom.

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