One cannot be understood without the other.

Lirk Golwitzer, Mathew Modine, Beau Menetre on the TRIFF Red Carpet

Kirk Gollwitzer, Mathew Modine and Beau Menetre on the Red Carpet for the screening of Foster Boy.

In addition to a wide variety of film genres, the Tryon International Film Festival has established itself as a particular venue for the special category of “Human Rights and Dignity.”

The 2019 full-length film “Foster Boy,” directed by Youssef Delara, dealt with the foster care crisis in America: profiting from the lives of children. The film won both “Best Full-Length Narrative Feature” and  “Human Rights and Dignity” awards. The film has  won many awards including the International Black Film Festival of Nashville and the Woodstock Film Festival in New York.

Kirk and Beau have a special relationship with Homayra Sellier, President of the international organization Innocence in Danger (IID). Ms. Sellier is judging the Human Rights and Dignity category this year. Ms. Sellier was also the primary inspiration to “Illegitimate Advantage”, a 2016 novel written by Kirk Gollwitzer, the cofounder of TRIFF. Sellier and Gollwitzer are actively working together to adapt the novel to a major motion picture.

Learn more about Homayra and her organization below.